Making Real Medicine

We are complex beings that need real complex medicine which works on us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The plants are amazing healers, incredible chemists and offer us complex medicines that are really simple to prepare. By getting to know the plants and working with them to make these real medicines for our families and communities we become empowered in so many ways; both to treat ailments or imbalances and to ...

... achieve and maintain health so we are less likely to get sick. Many of these medicines can be made from the local plants that grow around us; they are affordable and effective, often with quite stunning and near miraculous results. As well as medicines for the humans we will be adding medicines for the healthy house, for the plants and keeping the insects (such as bees and butterflies) and creatures around us healthy too.

The 'At Home with Herbs' course is full of information and techniques


Making real medicine in the kitchen
Making real medicine in the kitchen
An introduction to using 45 common herbs and spices for health, cooking, skincare and gardening. A combination of clear videos and written course material help you to learn how to make affordable medicines, delicious food and natural skincare products at home for the health of yourself and your family.
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