Plant profiles

Apple blossom from Magourney Gardens
Apple blossom
Botanical description: A deciduous tree of variable height (there are dwarf trees available). The fruit is white/pale pink and is a valuable source of food for bees.
Daisy flowering in Magourney Gardens.
Daisy flowering in Magourney Gardens.
A rosette of spoon shaped leaves that hugs the ground with the flowers arising on hairy stalks. The composite flower is a single capitulum with a domed yellow central disc surrounded by white rays (sometimes with a pink tinge).
Dandelion flowering in March, Magourney Gardens.
Dandelion in Magourney Gardens.
Dandelion is too common to need describing. There are probably up to 250 subspecies but they are so similar as not to warrant individual description. It is native to Europe and grows worldwide.