The Plant Medicine School



This School has been many years in the making...


At the Plant Medicine School, we have years of experience in teaching at all levels from the academic to hands-on creative everyday applications. We offer in-depth courses and share this part of our cultural heritage as a commons. We also love building networks with other like-minded people, with the elders of the herbal community and amongst those who choose to study here. 


Each person brings their own experience and learning intelligence to the process, with support and mentoring. We blend together practical skills, scientific knowledge, traditional lore, energetics and a passion for working with our local allies reclaiming old traditions with cutting-edge research to make a vibrant alchemy of 21st-century plant medicine for the healing of people, animals, plants and the land.


Honesty seed pods

The Plant Medicine School has come into being directly as the result of a happy merger or collaboration and marriage between Veriditas Hibernica and Grá Nádur.

Honesty in flower 

Plants are amazing beings. We have co-evolved with the plants, they are deeply interwoven into our psyche (we even have plants genes in our DNA)...

Rosemary in flower

We are passionate about learning and empowering people, our learning being fun, making our relationship with nature one that is innovative and regenerative. 

Mother Spider on Sage

The school has a broad and eclectic team, from full and part-time teachers to specialist contributors. Many international herbalists also visit. -------------

Traditional Herbal and Botanical Medicine Apprenticeship, Clinical Herbal Practitioner Training, Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Training, Continuing Herbal Professional Development, in Ireland (Ire), in the United Kingdom (UK) and in Europe (EU), World Wide, Face to Face Learning, Blended Learning, Distance Learning, Herbalism, Herbalists, Herbalist Training, located in Magourney, Coachford, Co. Cork, Ireland.