The Plant Medicine School Hollyfort

Apprenticeship in Community Herbalism


Nikki Darrell (the course originator), her husband Alex Duffy and the mentors

are delighted to welcome you to our new venue.

Grá Nádúr, Hollyfort, Grovemill, Gorey, Co Wexford, Y25 C6N1 Location link



The programme has a maximum of 18 students per class. It is made up of a combination face to face intensive immersion workshops, online studies, films and texts; one to one mentoring and live zoom classes. This allows people to undertake some of the studies online at times that suit them whilst keeping pace with their studies. It is a carefully structured course including self-directed study to ensure that the student develops their own knowledge and skills. All details are in the Prospectus linked here.

This prospectus is now revised for 2023

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Niiki teaching with Tiarnan in the Sanctuary Field
Niiki teaching with Tiarnan in the Sanctuary Field

Learners ...


are supported by a mentor who gives a minimum of 10 hours of mentoring per year (with the option of gaining extra hours if needed) to help them complete assignments and engage with the studies.

The in-person immersions gives all the benefits of face to face learning and, along with the personal mentoring, this fulfils the apprenticeship model requirements for one to one practical engagement.

The materials presented online are a comprehensive selection of filmed face to face lectures, presentations and talks; specifically designed films for the online community; and text files in word, pdf and epub formats. There are also online discussion forums included as part of the course work along with live zoom class meetups.
Students can opt to undertake just the first year or both years of the apprenticeship and it is acceptable to take a gap between the first and second years. The circle discussions that accompany the lectures offer a sharing of experiments and the consequential discoveries are very enriching to all.


Our mentors ...

have undertaken the apprenticeship and have plenty of experience at this level of herbal practice.






Fern River Bann
Fern River Bann


The gardens ...


are home to many different plant species and facilitate experiencing the plants energetically and directly. This enables the gathering of material for food and medicine.


Honesty Magourney Gardens
Honesty Magourney Gardens


The programme ...


the next programme commences in October 2022. Applications will open from 1st February 2022. Please contact the Hollyfort team by email to get the application form link.




From the 1st of February, we are now taking applications for October 2023.


The beautiful face of the Lily in Magourney Gardens
The beautiful face of the Lily in Magourney Gardens