The Natural Healer


The Way of the Natural Healer is relational, it’s about finding one's way of connecting to Self, the Source of All and one's fellow Beings of all species. This is coming into service to the Community of Life as one realises that the way we facilitate change in living dynamic patterns of Life is in relationship with one’s healing council.





In healing ourselves we discover we are healing our true relational self, and this effects all of the beings we are in contact with. It's a very natural progression to wish to learn to help other beings around us who are stuck in unhealthy patterning and are suffering in that process. With our developing sensing capacities, we receive requests for assistance from all sorts of beings. 



Rose hips in the palm
Rose hips in the palm


Foresight ...

Knowing that healing is your path at the beginning of this journey is really helpful as the necessary skills may then be incorporated naturally into the Way of the Natural Soul.


Practising ...

If one is going on to become a fully qualified practitioner, then learning to work with the techniques with others is essential and a thorough deepening of the work is required in all areas. 


Deepening ...

The deepening is in bringing what you learn for yourself on the Way of the Natural Soul into the relationship with others in order to facilitate change from unhealthy to healthy patterning. Diagnostic skills, deep listening and perceptive observing, both in the inner and the outer realms are requirements to bring the right change and to facilitate health to manifest. 



Deepening and developing more skills ...


  • Healing - Hands on and remote work - various modalities.  
  • Extractions - Removal of undesirable intrusions and attachments from others and safe disposal of them.
  • Power retrievals - Assisting in restoring natural vitality for others.
  • Soul retrievals - Locating and restoring lost souls and soul fragments for others.
  • Ancestral work - Meeting ancestors and resolving difficulties and uncovering bestowals for others. 
  • Midwifing the dying - Spiritual preparations for passing over and grieving - Keening and expressions of grief.
  • Psychopomp guidance - Helping Souls move on and find their way on passing over.
  • Nature Councils - Learning to work in relationship with the Nature Beings of all kinds. 
  • Dwelling and Land - Relationship with the Land. Clearances, restoration and reconfiguring the living meridians of the Earth. 
  • Sacred sites - Protocol for workings in Sacred Sites and developing respectful working relationships with the beings who dwell therein.
  • The Sídhe - Ways of working with the Otherworld, the Elementals in the body and in the earth, the many other mythical beings one encounters, developing working relationships for transformations and healings. 
  • Divination - Various methods and validating results. 
  • Ceremony and Ritual - Many different application and techniques and developing capacities to design and implement them for others as required.  


Supporting Advanced Learning Modules ...


  • The anatomy and physiology of the mammalian body, the plant and the Earth.
  • Understanding ecosystems, bioregions and environments including soil, water courses, forests, grasslands and others.
  • Advanced energetics- the 5 elements, flow and balance.
  • The Emotional body and emotional health and balance.
  • The Mental body and all its diversity


Originating solutions ...


Learning to be creative in the Art of Healing as often problems are a bit like puzzles, so being open to inspiration and to new forms is essential to dealing with the diversity of Life. Going deeper into everything, developing more questions from answers leads one to the truth of the matter. 



Service in the Community of Life ...


Recognising and developing egalitarianism as a core ideology. Facilitating egalitarian circles for genuine self-governing communities in harmony with all Life. Creating sacred space and originating ceremony for a wide variety of community needs. Blessings, clearings, rites of passage, healing. Nature Councils in their true sense of the name, including the human being in the natural relationship




Further notes ...


There are further supporting areas of study to compliment this journey and we will put up further updates from time to time. The most important thing to note is that as it is highly individual we could never produce an exhaustive list. This is predominantly a verbal pathway and these notes are indicative only. Please get in contact and we can talk about your personal requirements. 





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