The Plant Medicine School



The Plants are the teachers and we continue to deepen our knowledge and wisdom


The plants are our healers, our allies, the great natural alchemists and their generosity is boundless. The sheer diversity and variety available to us in our own locality is truly vast.

We present our plant profiles or monographs in a foundational manner, as it is up to each student to develop their own relationship and build their own research with experiential activities.


Visitors have access now to three sample profiles. Registered users will have access to many more, which will follow as we upload them, we have 100's in the making. 

Apple blossom in Magourney 

Plants listed by common name with picture preview and short descriptive text

Dandelion in Magourney

Here you will find the plant profiles listed by their common names 

Daisy flowers in Magourney

Here you can find the plant profiles listed by their latin names in the first place

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