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Nature Resonance Medicine is our way Home


Nature Resonance Medicine is interwoven and embedded within everything we do, our heart centred work brings us into alignment with our Nature and the plants are excellent teachers in this respect, particularly the trees. Nature Resonance Medicine is compatible with and enhances all other genuine development systems and spiritual disciplines for it is truly universal.



We have developed many learning pathways, our Nature Healing Events facilitate healing experiences, meetings with Nature, and we help interested folk to become Nature Healing Allies so that they too can organise Events in their own way. Check out the links below or visit Grá Nádúr’s website now and find out more about how we work with Nature.


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Nature Resonance serves as an introduction into the natural wisdom teachings of "The Way of Life" pathway that we facilitate in a one to one apprenticeship relationship, as it is an individual discovery unique to each and every person.

This enables the beginning of the true inner journey and facilitates the knowledge and healing of one's own spiritual path and the development and expression of the unique soul gifts one brings to this lifetime.

Please contact us for more information on the "The Way of Life" pathway if you feel drawn to explore it further.  

Sunflower in Magourney

Attend Nature Healing Events - Nature Circles and Wild Walking

Hart's Tongue Fern

Have Nature Healing Experiences - Meetings with Nature

Fritillary Butterfly

With Nature Healing Allies - Nature Resonance Medicine

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