Bealach na Fíos - The Way of Life

Nature's Mystical Journey to Truth



Here you will find outline descriptions the Natural Wisdom of the "Bealach na Fíos - The Way of Life" pathway that we facilitate in a one to one vocational apprenticeship relationship, as it is an individual discovery unique to each and every person. This is like the becoming of the "Bean and Fear Feasa, the Woman and Man of Knowledge" as it is known on this island of Ireland. We approach this as Nature today, while we honour the wisdom of the past we see and respond to rising of the relational ever-renewing Living Way based in our present moment.  


This enables the beginning of the true inner journey and facilitates the knowledge and healing of one's own authentic spiritual path, the development and expression of the unique soul gifts one brings to this lifetime. If you are here in Ireland then it is this Land that is calling to you now, for we all stand on the one Earth. This is a time of mixing and sharing in the present while honouring each path that brought us to here, we find a unity in Life and respect that sacred diversity. Here we learn to foster the relationship of inner and the outer bringing us to the sacred ordinary.



Can you hear Nature's call to action ...


All are welcome, even if you have studied on other programmes your capacities are taken into account and there may be some areas here that may help you deepen your practice so if you feel called please do contact us and we can find a way to evolve together. 


Sunrise in Magourney 

The Way of the Natural Soul is all about finding one's own way of genuine connection to Self and being grounded in Nature being incarnated on our Earth

Rose hips in the palm

The way of the Natural Healer develops and deepens the Way of the Natural Soul to include working with others and Service to the Community of Life

Thinking like a Mountain  

The Way of the Natural Teacher really involves the deepest commitment, willingness to learn, and vocational calling to the Natural Wisdom Teachings. 


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