At Home With Herbs




An introduction to using 45 common herbs and spices for health, cooking, skincare and gardening. A combination of clear videos and written course material help you to learn how to make affordable medicines, delicious food and natural skincare products at home for the health of yourself and your family.





Majella, Nikki and Tara at work in the kitchen
Majella, Nikki and Tara at work in the kitchen



On completion of the course, you will feel confident and capable to start your own home pharmacy and to be creative in making wonderful nourishing and healing foods. The modules are linked below and you may access them upon registration as a subscriber.

This course is not live yet and it will be soon and a subscription link will be placed here on this page.


This course is of real benefit as a stand-alone or for people thinking of enrolling for the Herbal Apprenticeship. It may also count as CPD in certain circumstances.

Beautiful ingredients


What the course is all about – empowering, improving health, creativity, getting to know the plants. 

Mint in the teapot


and decoctions, the oldest ways of using herbs, and definitely one of the easiest ways of using most of them. 

Rosemary in olive oil


Making infused oils, vinegars and tinctures with fresh and dried herbs. Several methods are demonstrated. 

Honey into garlic


and Honeys are a delightful and delicious way of preserving herbs to use as food and medicines. ..............

Freshly made cream


(also known as salves or balms) and Creams. Topical use for natural skin care and much more. 

Oils to sea salt


Blending herb salts to use in the kitchen with food and aromatic salts for bathing and for foot soaks.

Compress to arm


and Poultices preparing fresh or dried herbs, aromatic waters and essential oils to use topically.

Pouring a tincture


With plant profiles, growing and gathering tips, medicine and food recipes to try out now at home.