Conversations with Nature

Learning how to listen and communicate with the rest of our kin in the natural world is a very real reclamation. We learn to listen to the non-linguistic, non-verbal flow, and sense the conversations around us bringing us back to our indigenous soul and authentic being, helping us to decolonise.

Turning inwards and learning how to listen to our own inner nature, to ground, earth and slow down is also part of this process so that we regain the capacity to really sense what the other beings around us have to communicate; helping us to re-enter the circle and council of earth beings.

We will be putting together some interesting content very soon ...


Red clover flower in Magourney Gardens
Red clover flower in Magourney Gardens
Members - Conversation with Nature
We have developed various techniques which lead one into experiencing ever deepening states of the original natural primordial being which connects us directly with the heart of Nature's Wisdom.