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We are passionate about learning being empowering for people, learning being fun. Sustainability makes our relationship with nature one that is regenerative and healing for ourselves and for our planet and environment. Walking lightly on the Earth and learning to embody the generosity of Nature, giving back to our ecosystems. Listening to nature and remembering our own authentic natures.

We do not advocate or teach about psychedelic plants. We believe that learning in community is the best way to learn and community, cooperative principles and Participatory education are core to our school. Good ethical practice is also key to us and we expect students to conduct themselves respectfully and ethically throughout their studies.

We embrace diversity and practice inclusion at our school.


Rosemary in olive oil
Rosemary in olive oil



We believe that each student brings their own intelligences and abilities to the learning process and that learning in community feeds the community and helps us to reweave our stories.

We feel that at this time we need to remember that the ecological role of humans is not to strip and pillage and rape the rest of the natural world but to caretake, sing to it, listen to it and dream a vision of regeneration and healing, of becoming a healthy member of the natural community of the council of species on the planet.

We need to give back and learn to live as contributors and dreamers of a sustainable healthy healed world if we are to survive and then thrive as a species.



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