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After a few years of real development in the field, the Nature Resonance Course, (NRM) course is showing fruit with graduates now running their own Nature Healing Events. The evolution continues with the emergence of the Bealeach na Fíos or The Way of Life apprenticeship. This is the realisation of the lifelong visionary gift of Natural Wisdom, bestowed by Life itself, manifested in Nature and grounded in our Earth in our locality. Alex and Nikki are guided to formally hold and establish the Natural Wisdom School in a fresh and natural way and are taking this responsibility to heart. 





We, in the culture of dominator paradigm, industrial society, are subject to, patriarchy (link to Bell Hooks description), capitalism, statism and colonialism. This is the culture of privilege and entitlement. The most dangerous lie we have been sold is that Spirit is separate, that the natural material world has no soul and therefore we can objectify and exploit it. Spirituality and religion are therefore confused and mixed up, we are taught we must have interceders to access Spirit. Many have lost contact with the sacred ordinary in Nature. 




Raindrops on a spiders web
Raindrops on a spiders web




It’s time to snatch our futures back from the experts. Time to ask, in ordinary language, the public question and to demand, in ordinary language, the public answer.  

Arundhati Roy



Falsehoods …

The proliferation of false inferior teachings and cultural appropriation has further confounded and threatens to obliterate authentic connection with the Natural Self. Instead of becoming quiet, silent, grounded in the presence of Nature, there is a tendency to rush following the latest “spiritual healing” fads and fashion in a competitive consumeristic frenzy.


Hijacking ...

We are seeing a degradation of sacred connection with the anthropocentric, monocultural, homogenising tactics of much of contemporary core shamanism and new age spiritualism today. This is a hijacking of many peoples authentic desire to find a genuine path to connection with Nature.


Domination  ...

It is also disrespecting many cultures endeavours to recover from the profound wounding of colonialism. If its top down and there are figureheads or celebrities involved, its dominator paradigm. The same dominator patterns are replaying with the exoteric ceremonial pageantry being passed off as the genuine authentic spiritual connection.  



Phantoms of glamour
The Glamorous Phantoms




Dispelling the






Decolonising  ...

Empowerment is the most important aspect of our work. Empowering people to recover their sovereign natural selves has to be our one and only purpose at this time. Decolonising ourselves and our relationships within the community of life are both difficult and rewarding, as it takes a high degree of introspection and a willingness to change. 


Partnership  ...

The partnership paradigm is the polar opposite of the dominator way and constitutes the basis of the relational way of being. In the partnership way, we sit in a circle, it's not top down, there are no celebrities, we are equals and we are working together to ensure everybody has access to the Natural Wisdom Teachings in their own unique way. 


Equality ...

In this way, we facilitate each person to make their own connections with their own inner teaching guides and so a very important relationship is brought to the life. This is the beginning of the true inner journey and the start of many learning adventures into the inner realms, which really enables one to connect in relationship with the inner nature of all beings around us. 


Mentoring ...

We only do this work on a one to one basis, we fully support this journey and we relate with your guides so as to ensure confidence, clarity and trust is built in a slow thorough way. The required capacities are developed and the relationships grow in a healthy and genuine way. This process is so deep and meaningful that it frequently initiates fundamental changes that require support. 



Of particular importance are new stories about human nature. We need new narratives that give us a more complete and accurate picture of who we are and who we can be - stories that show that our enormous capacities for consciousness, creativity and caring are integral to human evolution, that these capacities are what make us distinctively human. - Riane Eisler


About Alex ...

Alex had deep spiritual experiences since he was a nature-loving child and studied the western occult traditions in depth during his early adulthood. Practising the eighth limbs of yoga in combination enabled deep experiences of our inner worlds and the spirit realms. 

After decades of interest in sustainable growing and building, Alex engaged in active community sustainability at an international level with the Transition, Ecovillage and Permaculture movements while achieving an MSc in Sustainable Development in Exeter. 

This path cumulated in a mid-life, decade-long apprenticeship with a renown Bean Feasa, Cáit Branigan, which empowered Alex’s spiritual development also including the most important aspect, the real earthly connection with the true inner teacher guide (this is a requirement for advanced spiritual work).

This gave the opportunity for deep resolution of many personal issues with the healing gifts this work brings. It also enabled his own far-ranging exploration into the realms of spirit and truth, attaining deep knowledge. Alex's lineage stretches back into the most ancient Irish and Scottish families (with legends of a Selkie amongst the ancient ancestors). He has a strong affinity with Nordic culture and a deep resonance with the Sami people, amongst other indigenous peoples. 



About Nikki ...

Nikki has always felt the importance of having a spiritual path and of connecting with the beings of nature that surround us. As a child she became entranced with the plants and nature and also with the understanding that comes with studying the sciences that help us see the miracle that is life, listening to the music songs and rhythms of the Universe, and also hearing the myriad of languages that flow towards and through us in every instant.  

Nikki studied Plant Science at university with a view to working with plants and sustainability. She spent 5 years in lab research, learning much about academia, the reductive model, dominator structures and more besides. She then discovered it was possible to train as a herbalist and decided to follow her true path. 

She became a practitioner and teacher, founding a plant medicine apprenticeship and working with community projects to bring people back to their relationship with plants and the land. Completing a Masters in Cooperative and Social Enterprise gave a deeper understanding of more sustainable and authentic ways to build enterprises. She took an unconventional, but authentic route to developing the skills of a Bean Feasa alongside her work as a Bean Leighis. She comes from a multiracial lineage and her work is, therefore, an eclectic blend, informed by several traditions. 


Through the use of the dominator and partnership models of social organization for the analysis of both our present and our potential future, we can also begin to transcend the conventional polarities between right and left, capitalism and communism, religion and secularism, and even masculinism and feminism.  Riane Eisler



Nature Resonance Medicine begins in simplicity ...


Doing the Nature Resonance Medicine teaches us to relax, become present, regain our childlike innocence, and explore our senses, both inner and outer. It also goes on to work with life force, heart resonance and loving appreciation. NRM is a set of excellent practices that may be used all of our lives as they really help to balance and ground us. They are reiterative and a deeper understanding and appreciation of them develops with the practice of them. A daily practice in spiritual practice is very useful and small incremental advances are more stable than big dramatic transformations.  

They provide an excellent foundation for The Way of Life.


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