The Natural Soul


The Way of the Natural Soul is all about finding one's own way of genuine connection to Self, the Source of All and being grounded in Nature. This is why Nature Resonance Medicine is the first step and continues to assist one during the Way of Life. 





We need our soul like a fish needs water and like a bird needs air. We can't live here without it, and we function a lot better when we are working with our Natural Soul in a connected and balanced state. We share Soul with all of Nature, we perceive this as an inner quality of sentience. Our Sun's radiance shines beyond our Solar system and its lifegiving rays reach us in just the right way to give us our Life on Earth.



Sol rising at Dawn
Sol rising at Dawn


Vocation ...

This is a vocational pathway and it really needs to be what you wish to do. It is training for genuine work, it's not an accolade to be collected. Preparing and learning to meet with your own genuine inner wisdom teacher is really the first step on this path. 


Suitability ...

While Nature Resonance Medicine is open to all, the Way of Life is subject to suitability and capacity. This is revealed both in the first diagnostic session and the subsequent sessions where you, the applicant, learn to make the journeys into our inner consciousness, (or spirit journeys) under supervision within the safety of sacred space. 


Beginning ...

The beginning of this process is to meet with Alex & Nikki and see if this is the correct course of action for you during a one to one session. During these initial diagnostic sessions, you and your own guides are consulted and guidance regarding your spiritual soul path is revealed. Some healing may also be simultaneously conducted if it is required. 




Information ...


What is typically learned in this stage of the apprenticeship is indicated in the following list.

However, what is included, the time taken, the order and focus vary significantly with each person.

This list is not exhaustive but indicative.

The way of learning is to uncover one's own issues and utilise the techniques to heal oneself. Many of them will be practised in a supervised format and may need a working partner.

As self-direction and reliance is a requirement of spiritual development, lots of solo working, self-analysis and introspection is needed in-between the supervised session, which are generally to tackle difficult issues that arise and to introduce deep ways of working.

This is all approached at an individual pace that suits you, which is why we do not believe in teaching this in groups.

Not all of the following list will be required for the person who is mainly concerned with self-development rather than practitioner level. 


Areas covered ...


  • Sacred Space - Altars and Medicine Wheels - Reverence, protection, hygiene and safe practices
  • Guidance - Learning the art of the question and deep listening.
  • Journeying - Exploration of consciousness with a purpose in the various realms, lower, middle and upper.
  • Nature Whispering - Learning to perceive what the beings around us are communicating.  
  • Personal development - Introspection, meditations, Nature Resonance Medicine and other helpful practices.
  • Self-healing - Basic removals, extractions and elimination. Introduction to Power and Soul Retrievals.
  • Ancestral work - Resolving difficulties and uncovering bestowals
  • Death - Working with one's own death process.
  • Dwelling and Land - Relationship with the Land and one's dwelling place.
  • Sacred sites - Protocol for journeying in Sacred Sites.
  • The Sídhe - Ways of getting to know the beings of the Otherworld and the many other mythical beings we encounter. 
  • Divination - Various methods. 
  • Ceremony and Ritual - Many different applications and techniques.  



Supporting Introductory Learning Modules ...


It is our belief that a good understanding of all of the natural systems and dimensions is essential to understand true health. 

  • Incarnating in the physical material realm.
  • The anatomy and physiology of the mammalian body, the plant and the Earth.
  • Understanding ecosystems, bioregions and environments including soil, water courses, forests, grasslands and others.
  • Basic energetics- the 5 elements, flow and balance.
  • The Emotional body and emotional health and balance.
  • The Mental body and all its diversity


Learning what the 8 limbs of yoga really mean, relate these meanings to one's own culture and see that they are indeed universal and have arisen in every wisdom school in all cultures. Learn how to apply these very useful qualities to one's own life. 


  • Restraints, moral disciplines, moral vows - Applying ethics and integrity to one's own life - Yama.
  • Positive duties or observances - Applying ethics and integrity to one's relational life - Niyama.
  • Posture- To still the body and allow for concentration of the mind - Asana.
  • Breathing techniques - Connecting with the breath to reach calmness and vitality - Pranayama.
  • Sense withdrawal - Focusing on the inner qualities - Pratyahara. 
  • Focused concentration - Observation of the mind and development of mental power - Dharana. 
  • Meditative absorption - One pointed concentration, totally present in the activity - Dhyana.
  • Enlightenment - The realisation of the true state of reality - Samadhi. 




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