Nature Medicine Workshop in Winter


Attend our Nature Medicine training, connect with one's own Nature and the Nature around oneself. Tracing your pathway of power upon the Earth, sensing the song-lines and forming a web of sentience. This workshop's themes are; Winter, North, Earth.

Become a Nature Healing Ally and guide others to have beautifully connective Nature Healing Experiences that touch our very Source of Being in a most practical, tangible and everyday way; bringing healing, peace and a sense of belonging.






Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December 2018


To hear Nature Whispering one has to really listen with all of one's own Being ... Sensing is listening with all of our senses and even with some senses, we have no name for. This is a Nature Healing Event in itself and in the connection with Nature there is great healing.




Witch Hazel flowers in Magourney
Witch Hazel flowers in Magourney


This Workshop


The movements ...


Enter the realm of living myth and awaken to the sovereign story of your Natural Soul. 

Work with The Land, sensing its tone and find your own songlines.

Learn to trace your own sacred pathways of power feeling it’s flow under your touch.




Nature is calling to you ...



The focus ...


When the Nature Resonance Medicine occurs a very special mycelium is formed.

This mycelium may be linked together in what we call ‘Daisy Chains’ creating very conscious and sentient webs.

These resonating natural patterns are incredibly healing for ourselves and for Nature itself, for this is our true ecological function. 





Some links ...

Visit these links to previous event descriptions for further information and reading. We don't post pictures of our participants as these are deep, personal events and privacy are respected. 


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Book now ...

Places are limited at €180 each, including course materials with lunch and refreshments provided. 

Schedule of the weekend with detailed activities and all requirements will be emailed upon booking. 

Course location: Magourney, Coachford, Co. Cork

A certificate is awarded on completion of the course and mentorship and as a qualified Nature Healing Ally, you will be able to design and facilitate your own Nature Healing Events. This is also recognised by holistic insurance companies here in Ireland, details upon request. 

Enquiries to

Tel: 021 733 4762


Check out our Nature link for more information.


Information sheets ...

FAQ NRM-'18 Participation in Nature Resonance training program.pdf 

OutlineNRM-'18-Winter summary program.pdf

Location and accomodation Local information.pdf





Nikki Darrell and Alex Duffy
Event - Weekend Workshop