Red sky dawn in Hollyfort, Co Wexford
Red sky dawn in Hollyfort, Co Wexford


Nature Resonance Medicine Workshop in Winter


Attend our series of Nature Medicine Resonance trainings and learn to communicate with Nature in a series of deeply satisfying workshops that will empower you in many ways. To deepen your own understanding of your own Nature and your place within the greater Nature, freeing you to become an authentic indigenous natural person. Become a qualified Nature Healing Ally and guide others to have beautifully connective Nature experiences that touch our very Source of Being in a most practical, tangible and everyday way; bringing healing, peace and a sense of belonging.





Sat 02nd December & Sun 3rd December, 2017 - 10:00 to 17:00

Facilitated by Nikki Darrell and Alex Duffy

Both walking the path of the Bann and Fear Feasa, qualified, experienced originators and educators.

Places limited at €180 each, including course materials with lunch and refreshments provided.

Enquiries to

 021 7334762

Course location: Magourney, Coachford, Co. Cork


Frozen Oregano

Origanum vulgare, also called Oregano, frosted.

The Workshops

The four workshops follow the seasons, connecting us into the Natural cycles of the Land and the Beings around us. We explore the Seasons, the Directions, the Elements and our own stages of growth and maturation in relation to Natures cycles. This workshop's themes are; Winter, North, Earth. 

We sit in a circle and hold council in an egalitarian and respectful manner, freeing ourselves from hierarchy and the notions promoted by statism and the institutions of the patriarchy. They may be taken as stand alone or they may also be attended as a series of multi level training experiences, culminating with a fifth centring on Spirit, for those who wish to become a facilitator of our Nature Healing Events.

The workshops will be run on a recurring annual cycle and therefore may be attended in any order, each one offering a unique seasonal perspective. For those who want to facilitate Nature Healing Experiences there are a series of participatory experiential assignments to be completed in between workshops which will equip the participant to explore and enhance the engagement and familiarisation with their own bio-region and locality. Individual mentoring is provided and considered an essential aspect to this work.


Frosted spider web
Frosted spider web in Magourney. Co Cork.

Become fluent in

the Way of Nature




The Workshop Spiral


Over the two days we begin with expressions of gratitude, moving into authentic experiences of the pain in our world, softening our defences and opening our hearts. With healing we move into perceiving in new ways, and use these new perceptions to deepen our resonance with the Natural Beings around us and learn to communicate, share; we slow down and appreciate what is around us.

As this process is highly individual in each case, discovering your way of doing this is at the heart of our program. Hence our multi-level approach is coupled with the availability of individual attention to facilitate you finding your way with confidence. Consolidating the weekend's experiences we then prepare for going forth. Looking at the work we need to do with ourselves in our own localities to integrate and ground the new wisdom within our lives.




Deepening Natural Coherence


During the Resonance course we are working with four experiential transformational initiations that have been named Surrender, Being, Power and Heart. These relate to the three cauldrons (or the lower, middle and upper dantians) and the overall being. These are being offered by the Powers of Nature specifically for this program in a unique Fire of Life configuration to facilitate the healing of the separation of human and nature.

The next level of initiation, Clarity and Source, contained within the fifth workshop, which is required to become a Nature Medicine Ally. This program is held as a weekend workshop in each season recurring every year and may be taken as a stand alone or in the order that suits the participant.

As each workshop contains the seeds of all five Initiations, participants of all levels may work together, providing a cross pollinating that is very inspiring and helpful, such is the holistic nature of this beautiful work. We explore Natural Wisdom in the context of the Seasons, the Directions, the Elements and our own stages of Growth and Maturation. This is an excellent first step on the path of the Ban and Fear Feasa.

As we live in and on planet Earth, within the Radiance of our Solar Star, in the Milky Way Galaxy, we are galactic beings and share our sacred lives with many more; even the ordinary Dandelion, Daisy, the garden worms and the fungi are galactic beings as are all other life forms on Earth.

Life within the Solar radiance is a continuous light coded initiatory experience and DNA activations are continually happening to all incarnate beings. Once we wake up to this realisation we can choose how we engage these activations as they are determined by our inner and outer environments. Choosing to align with our Source in a healthy manner requires thorough preparation, a fully grounded embodied and en-souled incarnation to process this continuing evolution successfully.

The unique effect of entering the Earth's Consciousness Gestalt is the most incredible process that comes out of this work, offering ways of Being in Nature hitherto unimagined. As we join in Circle Council and find our place within the Family of Beings new potentials are created. There is no time to lose, come and learn how to achieve this and facilitate others to do the same.



Course location: Magourney, Coachford, Co. Cork

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Tel: 021 733 4762

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