04 - Wild Walkabout Diaries 


This Summer video is the fouth of our films out and about on the land with the plants. We made this early in July on an overcast day and did the close-ups a few days later, the weather was windy, a bit sunnier and some of the plants had already changed too. 




The abundance of summer is here and already many seeds are set and we are preparing for collecting them. This is a very important part of our work here in Magouney Gardens, and we love watching the flowers come, mature and turn to seeds and ripen. 


Cornflower blossom in Magourney Gardens
Cornflower blossom in Magourney Gardens




The trailer for the fourth film of this series, which features Borrage, is available to all now and the full version, which features much more will appear below to members. We hope you enjoy this series. 

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