The Wild Food Kitchen Cookbook 


When we are working with intention and food as ritual and ceremony from the soul and from the heart we tune into the soul of the foods we are using, into the ingredients. We do this with gratitude for the generosity of the plants that provided for us and for the abundance of the Earth that nourishes us. Food becomes Love





We tune in with all our senses so we taste, we smell, we look, we feel and we listen. We will discuss the importance of working with the 6 (or 8) tastes, with the smell, with texture, with how our creations look and even sound. Always use the best ingredients possible- fresh, unrefined, preferably organic (or chemical free), local and in season. We have a great abundance all around us when we look.



Toasted seeds in the wild kitchen
Toasted seeds in the wild kitchen




This is a very comprehensive book indeed, here is a sample showing the contents of what is available as a subscribed member. the download links appear below for the complete book for members only. 





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