03 - Wild Walkabout Diaries 


This Summer video is the third of our films out and about on the land with the plants. We made this early in June on a lovely warm day, and one can see the garden is really in full swing now and the growth has come into its own with fruits setting and starting to swell.




Summer is really coming into its own flow now and we are seeing the plants develop mature leaves, set fruits and they are beginning to grow. This is a time where we start to harvest leaves and watch for seeds forming too. We are eating much more now from the gardens and that is really good for our health. 



Bumble Bee on the pale Manuka in Magourney Gardens
Bumble Bee on the pale Manuka in Magourney Gardens




The trailer for the third film of this series, which features Vervain, is available to all now and the full version, which features much more will appear below to members. We hope you enjoy this series. 

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