Traditional Herbal and Botanical Medicine

The Apprenticeship in Exmoor




Utilising a true apprenticeship model, this practical experiential course focuses on using and growing plants as a traditional form of medicine in the community circle. Sustainable medicine for the future, respecting and reconnecting with the natural world.


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Jane Wallwork from Exmoor Apothecary
Jane Wallwork from Exmoor Apothecary



The course ...


A 24-month program designed for those who wish to re-empower themselves to work with plant medicines for themselves, their community and their environment. It seeks to enable people to reclaim the old ways of healing and bring these into the 21st century as a valuable part of our health care. At the same time, it seeks to weave together the art and science of herbalism as it has evolved to the present time and to incorporate the best of these approaches. We have been running this course now for 10 years.




We incorporate ...


the best that science and academia have to offer and go further into the areas they cannot reach yet by virtue of their own definitions. In this way, our apprenticeship method is greatly enhanced. 

We take learning styles very seriously and have designed a comprehensive blend of personal attention, learning media, mentoring and techniques that will encourage and facilitate you to develop in your own unique way.  

Please browse ...


through the course we offer and discover which if it is the way for you to take this learning journey.

We operate an open and all-inclusive philosophy and welcome and credit folk who have already partially or completed phases of training in other schools. We can also recommend other apprenticeships in various countries to empower you to complete your transformational journey in the most compatable way that suits you. 




We are now completing the bookings for October 2020. 




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