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05 Self and Relational care ​​​​​​- Pre-gathering notes


Time management

Peer supervision

De-briefing and other forms of supervision


Healing and therapeutic care of oneself and one's relationships




Around the fire at Regenerative Plant Medicine Gathering
Around the fire at Regenerative Plant Medicine Gathering





Whiteboard notes


Self Care

  • Swapping treatments
  • Spritzers and aromas
  • A practical checklist for carers
  • Knowing own limits and sharing that with the community
  • Inventory or calendar of self-care
  • Flotation or fractional Relaxation
  • Saying No Yes Maybe
  • Betty Martin Wheel of Consent
  • Nature Time
  • Movement in the morning
  • Identifying what works for you
  • Meditation and getting to know inner self
  • Clear communication within and without
  • Reflection and review
  • Restore in the way that you need
  • Honesty
  • Herbs
  • Intention
  • Fun
  • Monitoring our nutrition including sleep, thought, metal, emotional, spiritual
  • Allowing self to be vulnerable and space to check in with how we actually feel
  • Just Guidelines
  • No Caffeine 10 hours before sleep, No food or alcohol 3 hours before sleep, No work 2 hours before sleep, No screens 1 hour before sleep 0 get up when you wake up
  • Only use 80% of available energy ( or if depleted this may be 50.60.70)
  • How much do I care about looking after myself?
  • Social Web
  • Chocolate
  • Earthing
  • Worthy and valued
  • Gratitude and Appreciation
  • Fully present in the Here and Now



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