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03 Education - Pre-gathering notes


Herb Patch Project

Community projects


Special interest groups

Transition year

Clinical training and training clinics


Networking with clinics and with growers




Session in Hall
Session in Hall




Whiteboard notes


Herb Patch Project

  • Herb growing in primary schools. Homeschoolers would like access to educational material
  • Need carers for plants
  • Volunteers to do it
  • Continuity of projects
  • Availability of modules
  • Funding
  • Art schools?
  • Awards for participation?

Note: the Project is having a meeting to discuss moving forward after a lull in activity

Community Projects

  • Allotments
  • Community gardens
  • Forest schools
  • Cork City Council
  • Link to existing projects
  • GIY groups
  • What others
  • Identify points of unity (aims) and how we communicate
  • Inclusivity of projects
  • Multilevel partnerships
  • No chemicals
  • Weed but make medicines from what are weeded out
  • Teach on subjects. Projects are empowered by teaching people to teach
  • Presence in the community and is available


  • Herbalists as caretakers of the environment
  • Backgrounding and foregrounding
  • Knowledge sharing and exchange of information
  • Experiential learning
  • Informal education
  • Participatory education
  • Direct education by herbalists of patients (especially side effects and adverse reactions iatrogenic)
  • Stay truthful; be informed; empower;
  • Importance of the language we use and being non-emotive
  • Teaching kitchen and garden medicine
  • Local plants
  • Let go of anxiety about teaching, view it as informing and skill sharing
  • Empowering patients or groups to make a change
  • Reporting and recording adverse effects of herbs
  • Recording case studies need permission-internet notarising
  • Using kitchen medicine as an entrée for herbal medicine
  • Pre-made lessons by Lorna, Nikki and others
  • Sharing resources
  • Recording what people here want to learn
  • Training ourselves not to make the same mistakes as orthodox medicine
  • Using Webinars for CPD


  • Bursaries may be available
  • Part work exchange and barter
  • Different from traditional apprenticeships perhaps?
  • Freedom to teach more subjects and from different viewpoints in comparison to a traditional degree


  • Getting the message across that there is herbal education. Comes back to empowerment and also communication and a presence in the community


  • Experiential learning also has validity and there are ways of evaluating this and recognising this (Nikki has done work on this and is happy to help and mentor)


  • Special interest groups


  • Transition year students


  • By doing what we do we are educators


  • Be aware of legislation if working with children, it is easy to deal with. Delia mentioned a website?


  • Discussion of paths of Garda vetting- done by institution teaching for or the possibility of Professional Organisations organising this. See which route suits best.


Ideas For Useful CPD Workshops

  • Product testing
  • PEL Evaluation and how to do this
  • Others?


Nikki Darrell, Eleanor Palmer, Jo Goodyear, Danny O’Rawe, Silja Harms, Carmel, Lia Delahunty, Deirdre Daly



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